Undiscovered Bieszczady really exist travel guide!

111 pages in A5 format, that includes 20 black-white photos. In softcover.

ISBN: 978-83-938703-0-1

Bieszczady travel guide: simple, transparent, best

This guide is a simple answer to the demand resulting from many conversations with tourists in the summer of 2013. It is a simple and transparent review of that in the Bieszczady most valuable : the changes in the seasons mountains , plants and animals , and the elements of the Bieszczady mountains , as straight as possible and objectively described convoluted history of the region. The book includes descriptions of places associated with the history of the Bieszczady: old and non-existent villages and churches which are world-class monuments. For nature lovers are appealing chapters: "Nature " and " Lookouts " , which is an interesting alternative to mass tourism already in the Bieszczady and popular publications. In case of inclement weather in the form of a list and brief description of knowledge , and proposes the most interesting museums. During his stay in the Bieszczady Mountains , everywhere you can see the relics , the remains of accident and central planned economy and even earlier history. The last chapter deals with service points on which I rely for many years, may be helpful in selecting the accommodation and catering.

Guide is written for people who are in the Bieszczady Mountains for the first time , they feel confused quantity and quality of trails, and for those tourists who were already in the Bieszczady Mountains , not once but want to know them a bit from the back.


 Przewodnik po Bieszczadach - złóż zamówienie


Undiscovered Bieszczady really exist travel guide!

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ISBN: 978-83-938703-4-9

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Bieszczady travel guide in english: Guide Undiscovered Bieszczady really exist




Why is it worth to order this Bieszczady Mountains guide?


→ "Undiscovered Bieszczady really exist" is 134 pages about what is really worth seeing in the Bieszczady Mountains. The whole is complemented by 24 black and white atmospheric photographs.

→ The book has been written by a guide in the Bieszczady Mountains, so there are no randomly selected trails here. This reading will allow you to get to know the interesting and less known attractions of this region.

→ The small A5 format and soft binding make it possible to take the study on every hike. It is an interesting supplement to the map of Bieszczady.

→ The extensive descriptions of the changing seasons, flora and fauna, as well as places associated with history, allow us to look at tourism in the Bieszczady from a completely different perspective.

→ "Bieszczady curiosities", "Nature", "Viewpoints" are just some of the chapters that will appeal to both novice hikers and experienced mountain regulars.

→ The guide to the Bieszczady Mountains contains valuable and very practical tips for exploring in bad weather.

→ A holiday in the Bieszczady Mountains also involves staying overnight and enjoying the local gastronomy. With this book, you will find out where to stay to eat well and really relax after your hike.

→ The study is an overview of what you need to know when going on holiday in the Bieszczady.


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